02/12/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It was a pretty grey day across most of the United


Kingdom. Elsewhere there was pretty extensive cloud cover. We are


keeping that cloud overnight tonight, we could see some fog


forming where it breaks from the wash down towards the Bristol area.


With that fog comes a touch of frost. Further north a bit of debris


and rain will help keep the temperature is up at five or six


degrees. It is a great start to the day with a lot of cloud around and


mist and fog in the of the United Kingdom. Away from the fog, a lot of


cloud, but not much rain to speak of. A few spits and sports in parts


of northern England, but it is a dry start here with a lot of cloud. It


is a different story in the north and west of Scotland. This weather


front has been gradually drifting southwards during the day. It is


quite a slow process, and some of it will turn up in Northern Ireland. In


Wales it is a largely dry day. Where the fog lingers temperatures will


struggle. Away from the fog it could be six or seven degrees. In the


evening the weather front is on the move and it will push its way down


across England and Wales. The isobars are getting quite close


together, so on Wednesday it will be quite windy. But a central swathe of


the UK has a decent day. On Thursday this is one to watch. The low


pressure to the north of us and some strong winds and this cold front is


heading south. It is coming all the way down from the Arctic and there


is a blast of cold air and a significant wind-chill factor. The


strongest wind is coming down the eastern side of the UK. This is mid


afternoon on Thursday. It is going to feel close to freezing in the


North of Scotland. As that weather front slips south, the cold air


follows. A real blast of Arctic air is on the way.


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