09/12/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. This week, the weather is going to be very different compared


with what we had last week, a lot quieter relatively speaking, and we


do not need to worry about big storms. It will be quite a mild one,


you may have noticed how mild it is outside. The breeze is the key


really. This is the satellite picture from the last 12 hours or


so. Notice how all that action in the Atlantic seems to be streaming


from the South and moving northwards and topples over the UK. There is a


big area of high pressure stuck over the whole country. It blocks any


weather fronts which tried to come in. This stretches right across the


Mediterranean. That pattern is set to not change this week so our


weather will not change much generally speaking. A little bit of


mist and fog is already forming across the south and south-east.


There will be a touch of frost in one or two places but for most of us


it will be a relatively mild night. First thing in the morning there


could be some dense patches in one or two places but the following


night, tomorrow night, when we might have to worry about the fog.


Tuesday, the breeze coming in from the south, bringing extensive cloud


and its and pieces of rain. Across the bulk of Wales and England it


will be an OK day. There will be some sunshine poking through the


clouds. For Northern Ireland, the south-west and the West of Scotland,


here thicker cloud and spots of rain. On the other side of Scotland,


in the north-east here, we could get temperatures up to 15 degrees. You


wonder where is the cold, it is December after all. The cold is in


Poland and Russia. Anyway, back to us. This is Wednesday morning. The


fog could be problematic. Quite dense and then it clears away. Then


sunshine for a lot of us. The north-west of the country will hang


onto a lot more cloud. As we head into Thursday and Friday, a bit of a


change on the way. The weather fronts sitting in the Atlantic will


nudge a bit


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