10/12/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Hello. Tonight we are talking about cloud and fog. A lot of us tonight


will have a very mild night. The south-east of the country will cool


off. There will be a touch of frost and we will have some fog in the


morning. This is the satellite picked char. New can see how the


clouds have been streaming in, all linked to a weather front stretching


as far away as Tenerife and you can almost trace it back to the Cape


Verde Islands. Now back to the UK. This is where the fog will be


forming. It goes from East Anglia into Lincolnshire and as far west as


the new Forest. The Falkirk via stickers around 100 metres.


For most of us, across England and Wales it will be a bright day. It


will be a cloudy morning but the afternoon should be fairly decent.


For a few of us, particularly across the southeastern quadrant of the


country, we will be stuck under the cloud. At three o'clock in the


afternoon I suspect there will be one or two spots where the fog will


linger. A decent afternoon. The morning will be cloudy. For northern


parts of the country little bit more cloud. The north-east of Scotland


might have some sunshine. Quite lowly and rainy in the Atlantic.


These weather fronts are you struggling to push into the UK but


they will finally make their journey into our general neighbourhood as we


head into Thursday. Thursday turns wet. At this stage, most of England


and Wales is dry, until we come to Friday when the weather fronts


finally come marching in of the Atlantic, bringing a breeze but also


still mild.


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