13/12/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. After an exceptionally mild night last night, tonight will


be a chilly affair as we have got much clearer skies across the


British Isles. And we will keep those clearer skies into the early


hours of Saturday, but it will change dramatically as the day pans


out. We are seeing the skies clearing at the moment thanks to


this high pressure. It is this low we are up against on Saturday. So,


first things that they come actually, a lot of dry weather


around. In rural areas, temperatures down to freezing. Towns and cities,


4-5. Into the West, a lot of cloud, the rain quickly following. Key


elements for Saturday, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be windy.


Widespread gales and gusts of wind perhaps touching 70 mph. The wind


certainly strong enough to cause damage and possibly some


disruption. BBC local radio, great place to get your travel


information. Further south, and much quieter start of the weekend.


Already the wind picking up in the south-west of England and for Wales,


to, but quite mild. It will be chilly further east. Clear skies and


early sunshine and the breeze means early-morning problems with mist and


fog. The weather system will slowly plough its way eastwards through the


day, so Northern Ireland and Scotland not seeing much clearance


of the rain in the afternoon. Central and eastern areas of


England, though, won't pick up on the worst of it until after dark.


There are in mind, if you're heading out on Saturday evening, with the


wet across England and Wales. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, some


squalling and wintry showers across here during the small hours of


Sunday. By the end of the night, it all looks pretty calm once again.


The tail end of the previous weather system, the south of the UK, and


then again, as the date goes on, another low approaching from the


Atlantic, so it all goes downhill quickly through the latter part of


Sunday, certainly for England and Wales. More cloud and rain in the


south for the afternoon and then later in the day into the evening,


very strong wind, particularly for the far west of the British Isles.


Perhaps stronger than Saturday. Potentially even gusting up to 80


mph. So, through this weekend, some stormy weather. For England and


Wales, yes, somewhat windy weather but most of it will come through on


Saturday night.


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