12/12/2013 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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news channel. Have a very good. If you are planning on a late night


tonight to catch the start of the third test, expect some action, if


not on the pitch from the weather. The temperatures are going to sort


in Perth, 10 degrees above average for the next few days. Spare a


thought for the players. Closer to home we are talking about some


unseasonably high temperatures as well by night. It is an


exceptionally mild night in many areas thanks to a blanket of cloud


which will bring rain into most areas by dawn. A bit cooler in the


East of England. Some patchy mist and fog as well. The cloud will make


for a great start in Scotland with heavy outbreaks of rain in the West.


Looking clearer by 8am in northern Ireland. For northern England, Wales


and the south-west there is some rain for a time. There are some gaps


in the rain and it will dry up, but it will not bright and too much


because these fragmented bands are pushing their way from west to east.


Driest and brightest probably in the northern Ireland. Some thundery


showers in the afternoon, and looking drier in Scotland and Wales


in the afternoon. Central areas will have rain on in till the evening. On


Saturday there is a little ridge of high pressure, but this area of low


pressure comes into the North West on Saturday and promises to bring


some very wet weather to Scotland and more importantly some very


strong winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. A quieter day in comparison


for England and Wales. Some rain may linger in the south on Sunday, but


in Scotland and northern Ireland there is a threat of more low


pressure. Winds could gust up to 80 miles an hour.


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