19/12/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. We've had all sorts of weather thrown at us over the past


few days, and there is plenty more to come. There is no sign of the


weather settling down as we head into Christmas week. Tomorrow night,


this big swirl of claret is another low-pressure system, more wet and


windy weather heading our way. Tonight, it is colder, with this


bank of cloud providing sleet and snow. The hide it, turning colder,


so it may turn icy. The showers across Scotland will keep falling


snow. It will be a cold start to Friday. Having said that, for many,


it will be a bright morning with a bit of sunshine around. Still some


snow showers in Scotland. They fade, and the sunshine disappears, as the


rain spills into the West. In the east, generally a fine day, dry and


bright with some hazy sunshine, temperatures staying in single


figures. In the West, the morning sunshine disappears, it turns cloudy


and the rain heads in. Much of the day dry across northern England,


day dry across northern England with rain for Cumbria. In the West


and across Northern Ireland, very wet, and increasingly windy. Those


winds increasingly picking up through the evening. Perhaps a


little more round the Irish Sea coasts. And the rain in the south,


once it arrives it sticks around. This waving weather front keeps the


rain away for the weekend, and that could cause some problems, the


rainfall totals building up in the south-west. It lingers in the


south-east all day on Saturday, and elsewhere are mixture of sunshine


and blustery showers. Temperatures are back up a little above normal.


But they are back down again on Sunday. A cold wind bringing a


mixture of sunshine and showers, and mixture of sunshine and showers and


the sun won't stop the showers falling snow. On Monday, we are back


to square one, with another area of low pressure with the UK firmly in


its sights. Tuesday is Christmas Eve, and if


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