20/12/2013 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Yet another cycle of wet and windy weather is moving


across the country at the moment, and there is plenty more of both


over the next few days. In the run-up to Christmas, there is no let


up in the stormy weather. Travel disruption is likely from the rain


and stormy winds. It will turn colder on Christmas Day. But before


we get there, more of these things to content with. Another low


pressure system sweeping enough the Atlantic, bringing a wet night for


many. The strongest winds are currently in the West, but they will


get stronger along the south coast, and rain is likely to linger here.


Elsewhere will see some clearer skies developing, but with the


strength of the wind, it would be a cold night. Into Saturday, strong


winds along the south coast, and the rain may start to ease from the


south-west. It will linger in the south-east, spreading through parts


of the Midlands. Elsewhere, there will be some sunshine, but also bans


of showers zipping through. It is a little milder, so the snow will be


confined to the very tops of the mountains in Scotland, and there


will be sunny spells. Frequent showers for Northern Ireland and


northern England. Here, where the sun pops out, make the most of the


higher temperature figures. It will stay fairly soggy across the extreme


south-east, but further west, drier and brighter, but there is another


band of potentially very heavy rain to come marching in, and this


feature could be quite squally. Dropping a lot of rain in a short


space of time, a lot of spray and surface water on the roads tomorrow


evening is that clears, we are left with showers through the early hours


of Sunday, but Sunday should be a brighter day across the south-east.


The showers turning increasingly wintry further north, because it is


a cold day. Temperatures for many stuck in single figures. And at in


the Atlantic, another area of low pressure, and this one could prove


ugly. The isobars really pinching together for Monday, and another


bout of very heavy rain. Monday is a very wet and windy day, not a grey


day for travelling, but there will be a lot of travelling to


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