14/01/2014 BBC Weather


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Hello. We have had lots of weather thrown at us so far this winter, but


so far, very little of this, but cast your mind back to this day last


year and we were embarking on the most widespread snow since 2010. The


snow would go on to become more widespread and disruptive, but come


back to today and the ground is green rather than white! This


picture was taken by Nick Fletcher and in the short-term, our weather


is about to get warmer again, but that change is coming with cloud and


rain. This weather front is pushing across the UK taking the rain and


introducing mist and hill fog, but it is a warm front. The leading edge


of milder air so the temperature is coming up through the night. There


is the risk of a few icy patches in north-east Scotland. By the time we


are up and about in the morning, we are back into the warmer colours.


The milder air has come in. We are starting with temperatures like this


and for many that's higher than we were at any stage of the day today.


Instead of the sunshine some of us enjoyed today, we are back to cloud


and to the wet. Outbreaks to start the day in Scotland. Lots of spray


on the roads. Another spray of rain will work its way across Northern


Ireland. There are no Met Office weather warnings for the rain. It is


not expected to make the flooding worse, but Environment Agency flood


warnings remain in place for the ongoing flooding so don't drop your


guard. Look at the temperatures, nine, ten, 11 Celsius at this time


in the morning. The spell of rain moves east and we keep a lot of


cloud, but there will be a drier spell and the rain comes back from


the west. It is breezy. You could see hints of brightness in some


eastern areas, brightening up from the West in the afternoon in


Northern Ireland and somewhere may get to 13 Celsius. Low pressure is


close by. It will stay that way for Thursday and Friday. The closer you


are to it, the greater chance for seeing showers. Irish Sea Coast and


English Channel coast for Thursday, some heavy with hail and thunder.


Fewer showers in comparison to elsewhere. That weather continues


into Friday. But at the start of the weekend, we run the risk of another


spill of rain, but it is a risk rather than a guarantee. We will


keep you updated and it is rain rather than snow! The wait for




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