17/01/2014 BBC Weather


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Hello there. Today we have seen the number of flood warnings rising.


There is more rain to come, hopefully not much more in the South


East. We have had more than our fair share of flooding this morning. This


band of persistent showers brought almost two inches of rain. Though


showers have gone now but instead we're looking at the club in the


West combined with cloud coming Northwoods out of France to bring


some rain. It is surviving on the south coast now. Shouldn't be much


in the South East. It is more in the South West and Wales that it will


become extensive and heavier later in the night. To the north of the


advancing cloud, there may be a touch of Frost. A bit of fog around


as well. By morning, probably coldest of all in the north of


Scotland. Most of Scotland may start to write tomorrow, but there will be


some patchy fog. We will be seeing some heavy rain in eastern parts of


Northern Ireland. The show will refrain moving northwards at the


moment will be clearing away by 9am from the Midlands, moving into


northern England. We have still got the bursts of heavy rain in Wales


and the South West. That could have an impact through the day. You can


keep up-to-date with any disruption to travel and the local flooding


situation BBC local radio. Amounts of rain, well, we could see 30


millimetres. Might not sound like much in the South West and Wales,


but it is falling saturated ground. The rain keeps going all day. Pretty


words, to come in Northern Ireland. The rain will head north into


Scotland, allowing the need -- eastern side of England to be dry if


cloudy. Temperatures are similar to those of today but it will feel cold


if you are stuck under the rain. The main band pushes east across England


up into Scotland, allowing clearer skies in Wales and the West Midlands


for a while. In risk of Frost, ice and frost - macro patchy fog. Still


some rain to clear from eastern areas. That will continue to fall in


the north-east of Scotland. For many in the afternoon, it will be much


brighter and there will be more sunshine as well. For the weekend,


there could be some potential impact on Saturday but the risk of heavy


rain for the Western


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