20/01/2014 BBC Weather


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Good evening. It says a lot about how mild it's been recently that


lowest temperatures so far this winter were back in November. Mind


you it feels more like it tonight. We have temperatures below freezing


in some places already with a frost and nasty patches of fog already


across parts of East Anglia and the south-east. They'll develop more


widely across many central and eastern areas as we go through the


night. Met office warnings are in force. Different story further west,


increasing cloud and breeze and rain heading in to Northern Ireland and


pushing to western Scotland first thing in the morning. Not a pleasant


breakfast time here. Dryer further east across Scotland. Most of


England and Wales will be dry. We will have all that fog across


central and eastern areas. Western parts of Wales and the south-west of


England will see temperatures on the rise with increasing cloud and


breeze. Rain arriving later in the day. Further east you might have to


scrape the windscreen and we will have fog patches to watch out for.


Those will linger into the morning and lift up to low cloud gradually.


It could be a bleak day across eastern parts of England,


particulately north-eastern. That rain heads across Northern Ireland


to the heart of Scotland. Heavy pulses, as well. Some snow up over


parts of the Grampians and Southern Highlands, too. Brightness, nine


across the sooegs but generally feeling chilly can rain in the west.


Tomorrow evening this rain will saunter eastwards in a sporadic


manner. Heavy pulses of rain likely and that rain will get hooked up


across eastern-most parts of the UK well into Wednesday, potentially


cold and drab here. Further west it will brighten up, some sunshine and


reasonable temperatures but sharp showers, as well. Through the middle


part of the week those fronts stranded across the UK, further ones


coming in from the west. They're coming up against a block of cold


air across Scandinavia and north-eastern parts of Europe. Cold


air to the east and mild air to the west. It looks as if eventually the


mild air will win. With it we will see some active weather fronts


pushing in during Friday with heavy rain and strong winds, too. Further


east across the country after a cold and frosty start we will see some


brightness. Eventually we will see that wet weather spreading across


the country as we approach the weekend which obviously is not good


news given the state of


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