31/01/2014 BBC Weather


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Good evening. Today's heavy and persistent rain is disappearing over


the horizon. Sadly, the other problems are not. Problems to come


tonight include snow over Scotland and Northern Ireland, and tomorrow,


strong winds and high tides bringing the potential for flooding. This


area of low pressure is moving towards us. The first weather front


brought today's rain, and there is another one tucking in behind. As


that crosses Northern Ireland and Scotland, there will be some snow,


mostly over the hills. Later in the night, as sky is clear, it will turn


cold. There will be a frost and Saturday morning may well be icy. A


wintry start to the weekend. There could well -- there could well be


some more snow. Then bands of showers will come streaming in from


that area of low pressure across all areas. Some hail and sleet mitt in.


Either late afternoon, the snow will be confined to the hills of northern


England. It will feel cool, and don't forget the winds, which will


be increasing throughout the day. Dust around western coasts, maybe up


to 70 miles an hour. -- gusts. It will get worse if the strong winds


combined with very high tides. These are the tide times. Those strong


winds pushing in the tides, making the waves even higher. The


Environment Agency are really concerned about this. They say it is


potentially life-threatening. Please don't go out looking for those big


waves tomorrow. There's the flood line number. There are already a


number of severe flood warnings in force. The low pressure system is


still with us on Saturday evening. Expect to get wet if you are heading


out. The low drifts away on Sunday. Sunday is no picnic, but it is an


improving picture. There will not be as many showers. A better chance of


seeing some sunny spells, and the winds will not be as strong. Sunday


a brief respite, but there is more rain to come next week. The flood


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