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Good evening. As you have just heard on your local forecast there is more


wind and rain to come. The story is dominated by two potent areas of low


pressure. There are parts of the world that need the rain at the


moment, let me take you to California. That has arrived in the


form of patchy rain over the past 24 hours or so. The reason I take you


here is the cloud responsible for it, well that will develop into


Saturday's storm system. That same jet stream is picking up this area


of cloud at the moment, developing into a deepening area of low


pressure in the Atlantic and that will bring wet and windy weather for


Wednesday. This rain has been spread in from


the west during the day. It will continue as an erratic band of rain


and hill snow. In the clearer skies between, we


could see a touch of frost and ice into a rather chilly Tuesday


morning. Wet for the early rises. It does brighten up here throughout the


day. Elsewhere, dry and bright moments A good scattering of heavy


showers, becoming fewer in numbers during the afternoon.


That is until later on - this is the next storm system starting to work


its way in. A deepening area of low pressure which will spread in strong


winds and heavy rains into Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. As


the low gets closer into Wednesday, the winds strengthen further. We


could see maybe 80 miles per hour across some southern and western


areas. They will whip up high seas. We have seen some of the sea


defences washed away here. The winds will be wrapped around rain,


producing the risk of flooding inland as well. 20-40 mms of rain


possible in one or two spots. Low pressure to the north over Thursday.


Across Scotland and Northern Ireland, where we will see more


persistent rain. After that a brighter day.


After a bright day, we see showers to end the day. That rain I


mentioned in California, well here it comes in our next stormy low


pressure system to take us to the weekend. There are weather


They should've called this the Widow Maker!


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