04/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. Much like the local forecast, the national picture is a


stormy one in the next 24 hours. The Met Office have issued an amber


weather warning for strong winds across southern counties. Wilts up


to Surrey in particular. There will be some transport disruption, no


doubt, and it could go beyond that, so if you're travelling across the


country there could be transport and power disruption and with more rain


in the forecast, further flooding where areas have flooded and some


very strong winds and high seas. Southern coastal counties of England


and Wales have been troubled, but Dorset sees three severe flood


warnings, and more details on them on our own website. Still some very


strong winds and heavy rain although it is set to ease off in the next


hour. The strongest winds will be on the back edge of this band of more


persistent rain which extends across much of England, Northern Ireland


and increasingly so into Scotland, producing heavy snow across the


Grampians. Gales inland, 50 or 60 mph, easing as the first batch of


rain pushes through, but then the next major batch works through into


tomorrow morning and this will start to pep up the rain and also bring


strong winds. It is all linked into the stormy low-pressure. Strongest


winds around the Channel coast. Heavy rain to start your morning


rush hour in Wales, the south-west, and after early brightness.


Widespread gales across the country, the winds around the coast may be up


to 80 mph and they will strengthen in the west later. Temperatures


fairly academic. One or two bright spells, but plenty of rain through


the day, and the driest spot will be the north-west of Scotland. It stays


windy tomorrow evening, so problems as we ended the day tomorrow. The


winds eased down as we go through Wednesday into Thursday. Persistent


rain in Orkney and Shetland but the rain turning less showery. Drier and


brighter weather, lighter winds, but there is more rain in the south


coast by the end of the day, and that is on top of already saturated


ground, as much as an inch, Thursday night into brightly as the


low-pressure pushes through and will only enhance the flooding risk


further. It does clear with bright conditions when the day, but more


stormy weather in the weekend. More details on the website.


Aren't police meant to keep us safe? Isn't that what they do?!


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