05/02/2014 BBC Weather


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As you have just heard, the little respite between one storm system and


another and it is that cumulative effect which will cause further


problems in the coming days with risks of flooding and further damage


and destruction. This area of cloud is Saturday's potential stormy


weather. Before that we have clout to the north west of Spain and


Portugal which will come our way tomorrow. That is hot on the heels


of this area of cloud. It is still with us at the moment. The winds are


easing down, but there are still some gusty winds in the central


belt. It is wet and windy in Shetland, but compared to today the


winds will be much lighter. It will be a chilly night into tomorrow


morning with a touch of frost here and there. For Scotland, Northern


Ireland and northern parts of England it should be pleasant enough


with dry and bright weather. For the Midlands, Wales and southwards the


rain cloud set in and push their way northwards throughout the morning


and in the afternoon. In the evening rush hour that rain starts to get


heavier and there is little respite between the pulses of rain. The wind


starts to pick up from the West later. The Met Office have issued an


amber warning for further heavy rain not through Thursday, but all


through the weekend. It could cause issue with transport, flooding and


other issues. Some snow in Snowdonia and the winds will be whipping up in


southern areas as well. Scotland and Northern Ireland have lighter wind


and clearer conditions. There will be some ice around. On Friday it is


a cloudy and wet start with strong winds for a time. But it improves


and the skies brightened up from the West. Temperatures are around where


they should be at this time of the year. But as we go from Friday night


into Saturday as this low


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