11/02/2014 BBC Weather


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That is when the wind is going to pick up. Thursday looks like a


quieter day. Good evening, a roller-coaster ride


of weather continues across the British Isles. We want to get off,


but unfortunately we have got more white knuckle rides to come. This


area of low pressure is bringing wet and extremely windy weather. It


happens again on Friday with another deep low moving in from the


south-west. That means that potentially over the next five days


we could see as much a 60 - 80 millimetres of rainfall, among's


worth in just five days. Before that there are lots of tricky conditions


out there at the moment. We have got snow across Scotland and Northern


Ireland. As these showers pushed further inland and temperatures fall


away, we could see snow at lower levels as well. It is a similar


story for South Yorkshire and into Derbyshire and perhaps the Midlands.


Even if we do not get the snow, and we keep the showers, it will be a


cold night, so that could lead to icy stretches on the roads. That


will pale into insignificance because the wind is already picking


up and an intense band of rain continues to push in across the


country. This time it will be a bit more prolonged for tomorrow. The


wins either significant feature. There is an amber warning for the


gusts of wind. Let's look at the afternoon. In the Northern Isles and


the far north of Scotland it is quite quiet. Snow continues across


the mountains and sharp showers in northern Ireland and northern


England. The winds pick up into the North West and the South of Wales.


The band of rain is still clinging on to East Anglia and the Essex and


Kent coasts. Blizzard conditions are possible overnight in Scotland and


on the higher ground. By Thursday things potentially get a little


quieter. There will be some showers around, but wet and windy weather


set to return as we move towards Friday.


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