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morning. But from everyone on the late team here in Glasgow and around


the country, Good evening. What an incredible day


of weather it has been. We saw gusts of wind up to 108 mph in the West of


Wales. The wind is easing down a notch or two but we still have a


high-level amber warning from the Met Office for the strength of the


wind over the next few hours over quite a large swathe of the UK.


Northern Ireland, northern England and down across Wales, there is


still potential for damaging and disruptive gusts of wind. This huge


curl of cloud is bringing wet and windy weather across much of the


West of Europe. It curls back across the north of the UK and that's the


centre of the area of low pressure with the strongest winds just to the


south of that. Let's focus on the winds over the next few hours. The


ease down by a notch or two but still blustery conditions over most


of Wales. High seas around the coast and gusting up to 70 mph. Easily


around the 80 mph mark across much of northern England. Across the


Pennines this evening and overnight, travelling will be treacherous. Wind


and rain at lower levels will produce a lot of spray. You don't


have to go to high up the Pennines to see that turned to snow. One way


or another, further disruption to travel is more than likely. BBC


local radio will keep you up-to-date on where you are and where you are


trying to get to. The centre of the low system moves northwards. Pretty


heavy snow developing across the hills of Scotland with several


centimetres by dawn. A bit of snow for Northern Ireland and wintry


showers drifting across the southern counties. A risk of ice with most


races are seeing the temperatures a degree or so either side of


freezing. A cold, windy start Thursday but I think it be a better


day. No persistent rain to be seen. There should be some spells of


sunshine for many of us, as well. Does it last until the end of the


week? I'm afraid not. It goes downhill on Friday. This low


pressure will head our way. Lots of isobars on the chart later in the


day. Gusts of 60, 70 or 80 mph, with rain spreading northwards.


Significant snow for parts of Northern Ireland and southern


Scotland. Windy into the start of the weekend. Saturday has outbreaks


of rain. On Sunday, something of a respite. The winds will ease down


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