20/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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you in just the second. But here is the outlook. On Sunday, we have grey


skies and a bit of drizzle, too. Good evening. You may have had the


latest from the Met Office about the rainfall we have had this winter,


the wettest winter on record. It is sometimes difficult to visualise the


numbers. Let me explain how much rain we had. If you think about a


stretch of land across the UK, we had about half a metre of rainfall


falling so far this winter. That is, if the water didn't sleep into the


ground. We have a huge amount of water brought in by areas of low


pressure. 15 of them have been big storms, causing lots of damage. As


far as the shorts is concerned, it is just a breeze. We have a few


shells on the horizon and that is pretty much it. You can see where


the weather is coming from the moment. It has come in from the


Atlantic. Just a few scatter shower words here and there. It is going to


be a bit colder tonight compared to last night. Last night tempered as


were about seven or eight degrees, tonight they could be frost across


eastern areas of the country. -- temperatures. The showers will


continue through tomorrow morning into the afternoon. Most of them


will fall across Northern Ireland and Scotland. Here, gale force winds


are in fact blowing. The showers will drift eastwards through the


day. Mostly dry weather in the north-east. The same weather


patterns continue into Friday evening. Don't get caught in some of


those hefty showers. The weekend, not a stormy as last weekend but it


is still going to be a windy one. We are going to start on a bright


note, especially Saturday. It will be mostly bright. It will be windy.


Then, on Sunday, more and more of us will get the rain. This is the


forecast for Saturday. This is the area of low pressure that will be


increasing our wind, cloud and rain. That translates to 50 mph


winds in western coast. It will be June I for most of the country. The


rain gets into Northern Ireland and Scotland. -- it will be try for most


of the country. By Sunday, the rain will slip eastwards so there will be


some heavy rain around Cumbria,


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