21/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Outlook. Tom Shuffle knacker has the National forecast in a few seconds.


Some rain around on Monday. If you remember, this time last


week, we had some very vicious weather costing the country, the


storm on Friday night. Much quieter this Friday night and a much quieter


week. Come the weekend, the Atlantic is still a little fierce. We will


have some wind and rain in the forecast, too, but not all of us. In


fact, for some of us, the weekend will be fairly decent so let's see


what happens. This is the recent satellite picture. We have a window


of reasonably good weather. The cloud and low-pressure is heading in


our direction and this area of low-pressure unfortunately will


upset the weather across western areas of the UK over the next 2 and


48 hours. Now it's relatively quiet. A bit of a breeze and quite breezy


in the North of Scotland. Some showers around the country but the


vast majority, dry weather with cloudy spells. A touch of frost here


and there. Tomorrow morning starts off bright. Some lovely weather


actually to greet us across the bulk of the country. You will notice the


wind and rain are gathering across East North Western portions of the


country. Here, increasing winding cloud in the afternoon so, implement


it will turn quite blowy, but some lovely weather from Southampton


Oxford, burning into Norwich. In fact, it may stay dry but fairly


blowy all through the course of the weekend. The further north and west


we go, the more rain is expected. Across the hilly areas of Scotland,


the Southern uplands, Cumbria, quite a lot of rain this weekend. Now


this is Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday. That area of


low pressure is right over us. The isobars are very straight running


from the South moving northwards. That means pretty strong winds as


well. We have got this really big amount of wind coming from the


South. 60 mph in exposed coasts of Wales. Maybe touching 70 in a few


places and rather a lot of rain across the hills of Wales into


Cumbria, too. But, as far as the South and East goes, I think they


will hang on to some fine weather. Feeling a little springlike with a


hint of what's coming our way next week. Again, the Atlantic is


fierce, more low-pressure heading our way but whatever the weather,


enjoyed weekend.


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