24/02/2014 BBC Weather


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chilly start on Wednesday and there will be more rain overnight into


Thursday. will be more rain overnight into


Thursday. Good evening. We have a spell of wet


and windy weather working across the British Isles. Today brought many of


us some decent spells of sunshine and it brought us some decent


temperatures. In fact, our warmest day of the year so far.


At the moment, though, things have changed. This is the gap in the


satellite picture. Now, this curl of cloud looks like a snail's shell, it


is an area of low pressure that is sweeping wind and rain across us.


It's pushed into the west already and is now making rapid progress


eastwards, moving into eastern England through the small hours.


Strong, gusty winds around the Irish Sea coasts. The weather front will


weaken as it gets into eastern areas. Behind the weather front,


things are a good deal clearer and that is the way we will start


tomorrow. Our wet and windy weather, the worst of it is out of the way as


we look at Tuesday. There will be some sunshine around, but there will


be some hefty showers. First thing, a lot of sunshine. It is the showers


that pack in to the west and get driven eastwards on gusty winds.


That will be the real feature. For the South West, for Wales and the


Midlands, the risk of some heavy downpours. Eastern England largely


fine with some sunshine. Feeling a little cooler than it has done


today. Showers for Cumbria, for Northern Ireland and for much of


Scotland, the North East looking driest and clearest through the


afternoon. If you do encounter some of the showers, you will know about


it - they will be heavy. Some areas will escape them, but there are


quite a few w to go round. Wednesday sees the showers focussing on


western Scotland. Some early on for Northern Ireland. This band of rain


will work its way later on Wednesday overnight into Thursday from west to


east. Thursday, a bit like tomorrow, we will start with some rain to the


far east. That should pull away through the day. Then we will see


some hefty showers. Friday, another day potentially of sunshine and


showers. If anything, the showers will be lighter on Friday. Quite a


spring-like picture for the coming days. A lot of sunshine on the way


for most of us. You can get more details on bbc.co.uk/weather.


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