25/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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be rain, clearing into sunshine and showers, Buster once. Then it is


more difficult. Susan Powell is here to explain more international focus.


Take a glimpse out of the window and the chances they will be starry


skies where you are. The showers we have today are dying back to the


coast. The breeze is also easing and reclaiming skies and light winds, it


will be chilly overnight tonight. The wind will remain keen enough to


hold the frost that bay and in the far north-west, bringing in some


showers, if going down to the far southern coast. In rural areas,


don't be surprised if there is patchy frost tomorrow. In Northern


Ireland by the end of the night, heavier and more organised showers


arriving and they will push across into Scotland and the far north of


England. Heavy and thundery rain possible for the morning rush hour


of Northern Ireland and not looking too clever for Scotland or Northern


England. The snow will be mostly over 400 metres but a mixture of


rain, sleet and snow as low-down as 200 metres for a few hours before


9am, but after that, they should tend to retreat into showers of


rain. Further south, clear skies and a bit of sunshine to start the day


but on the chilly side. A few showers around the coasts of western


England and Wales, one or two popping up across the moors in the


south-west, but in contrast to the quite stinging showers we have had


during the course of today, a much drier day. Just a light breeze and


in the sunshine, it should feel present. Most improved, Northern


Ireland by the afternoon with blue skies and sunshine and Scotland and


northern England will see the weather improved too. Shows will


become fewer and further between and lighter. Highs of between 8-11.


Towards the west, the outer fringes of the next with a system set to


swing across as from the Atlantic. Like last night, the band of rain


will move quickly from west to east so the worst of the wet and windy


weather will be out of the way by Thursday morning but there could be


some cloud and rain affecting the Far East of England first thing.


Thursday, a breezy day which should bring sunshine but some quite hefty


showers to the south and west. He is the forecasting headache. Overnight


Thursday into Friday, the potential for an area of low pressure in the


Atlantic to develop and run towards us. It is quite a small-scale


feature so it is hard to in detail, but if it does hit the British


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