27/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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looking too bad at the weekend. Bash Street. I have got some wintry


weather to talk about tonight and that has been a rare occurrence


during this current winter. There will be a touch of frost and it


could lead to icy patches across Northern Ireland and south-west


Scotland. There is snow in the forecast as well. The Northern


lights have been making an appearance in the evening. They had


been reported in Essex and reporters in south Wales as well. But the


light show is coming to an end as this arrives. This will be quite


lively in the South West with strong gusts of wind in Cornwall and the


Isles of Scilly. Further north the winds are lighter and it brings the


risk of ice. In the South temperatures stay above freezing. We


will be seeing rain as that weather system pushes in. As you can see


there will be a bit of snow, but mostly over the hills. Particularly


in the morning across parts of mid and South Wales. It could be


particularly nasty in the valleys first thing in the morning. A wet


start for parts of East Anglia and the South East and it will stay


soggy here all day. This wet weather will gradually push away from Wales


and south-west England. Much of eastern England stays dull. Further


north there are sunny spells and a fair few showers in western Scotland


and northern Ireland. It will feel a lot colder than that with the rain


across the South East and East Anglia which continues into the


evening. Elsewhere, it is a dry, Friday night. There could be some


ice on Saturday morning and a few fog patches. But once that has


cleared for most of us it is a good day on Saturday. Some showers in the


west later on. Sunny spells in the afternoon. Sunday could again see


some cloud and showery rain across parts of the East and also wet


weather pushing into the West. For many places a lot of dry and fine




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