28/02/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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weekend summary for London. Now time for the National forecast.


Good evening, if you are a meteorologist, tomorrow is the first


day of spring. But mother nature has little regard for such labels. That


is one explanation for why spring starts with a touch of frost and


fog. Sunny spells on Saturday before outbreaks of rain from the West on


Sunday. Already a lot of cloud out West but before that, we have to get


rid of this cloud across the East which is rather stubborn and brings


outbreaks of rain across parts of East Anglia and the far South East.


Scattered showers elsewhere at many places with clear skies and


temperatures of falling. Many towns and cities will stay above freezing


but a frost in the countryside and it may turn a bit icy predictably in


the South. In the South East and East Anglia, temperatures above


freezing but it is a great start to the weekend with showers across


Norfolk, Suffolk and Kent. But the West, a dry slice and showers across


the bar West of England and Wales, but the majority of England and


Wales having a dry day, but there may be fog until the middle of the


morning. A dry start for much of Scotland, chilly with sunny spells.


Cardiff skies across Northern Ireland. Through the day, it will


take a while for the cloud tick here -- clear scattered showers in the


West but many places will be dry and bright with sunshine after the frost


and fog has cleared, temperatures will climb to the average will be


early part of Mark -- March. Temperatures will drop quickly in


the South in the evening. Rain across Northern Ireland and northern


England and Scotland, snow over the hills. As that clears and


temperatures all tomorrow night again the risk of things turning icy


giggly across northern Britain. -- temperatures fall. It cold starts to


Sunday and the next area of pressure approaches -- a cold start. Showers


clear away and eastern areas see some bright weather but Sunday is


much cloudier and this is the next band of rain. It will not reach the


East until late afternoon but it will be a soggy end to the weekend


and unsettled into the early part


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