04/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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will stay miles into the wedkend. And with more on that,


will stay miles into the weekend. And with more on that, here is the


National forecast. Good evening. The skies across


England and Wales are clearing. It will turn cold once again. A


different story for Scotland and Northern Ireland. But ahead of that,


the skies are clearing for England and Wales. It will turn cold, so we


will start tomorrow with a frost and will also be some fog around. The


frost will set in, getting down to three below in rural spots. It is


not until the latter part of the night where we will see the fog


thickening up. All while, the wind is increasing. And we will see some


rain setting in by dawn. That combination will keep temperatures


above freezing. In rural spots, areas will be below freezing. Across


the West of Scotland, not looking great first thing tomorrow morning.


Over the hills, there are use significant snow. -- there is


significant is no. A different day around the very first. Windy, two,


crossing and Wales. But a dry start across Central, Eastern and southern


counties. It will be cold through the morning but at least the wind is


light and the skies are blue. But there is still fog around. That will


probably clear around about the middle part of the morning. The


further south you are, hanging onto that bright weather. Patchy cloud,


something spells and light wind -- sunny spells. Still raining in the


West of Scotland into the afternoon. Seven degrees in Glasgow


but we could get 13 or 14 in and around London. That line of cloud


continuing to feed in from the Atlantic as we get on into Thursday.


Northern Ireland, southern Scotland, and northern England, see the


thickest cloud. But it will be cloudy either side of that. Maybe


something brighter in the south and east but temperatures wise, many of


us doing very well. The long line of cloud continuing to seep in. This


weather system will be heading our way into the weekend, bringing


warmer here. And that will spill its way across all parts of the UK


through the weekend. We will see temperatures in the teens. Away from


the North and West, it will be


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