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The latest weather forecast.

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The best of the sunshine, wd could exceed 15 Celsius. The unsettled


weather will continue. exceed 15 Celsius. The unsettled


weather will continue. With more on that, here is the National forecast.


Good evening. I would like to start by showing you simply haven't seen


the quite some time. After a three-month onslaught, finally I can


show you a chart with high pressure across the whole of the UK. Yes


things are settling down. You may have spotted, though, that says


Monday, so we have a little way to go yet. We have some rain in the


forecast. Not so much in the area suffering from flooding up to now


but in northern parts of the UK it's been a wet day for a western


Scotland and more to come here settling across Northern Ireland and


western part of England and Wales. A relatively mild from underneath the


cloud. 7-8. Maybe chilly with clear spells in the south-east. Northern


Scotland, a chilly start of the day tomorrow. A lot of cloud around you


will notice tomorrow and still plenty of rain across northern and


western parts. The rain becoming more extensive across Scotland


through the afternoon. A bit more patchy for south-west England and


Wales, but the odd heavy best possible. This one bright spot,


though. The south-east corner of England, 13-14 potentially. You


might get similar temperatures in sheltered parts of north-east and


Wales but otherwise, not that pleasant. 9-10d. A wet day for


Northern Ireland, north-west England and much of Scotland. A wet


afternoon. Some snow across the very highest ground but snowmelt is more


likely feeding into the river systems. That band of creep away


across England and Wales through Friday becoming more patchy. -- that


band of rain will creep away. That cold air on Friday doesn't last all


that long. As they go into the weekend, warm air spreading across


the whole of the UK. Preceded by a spell of snow across the Scottish


mountains. A wet day here, too. But, as a brighter weather extends into


England and Wales, temperatures will rise once again. Really feeling


quite springlike. By Sunday, the first sign of things settling down.


The rain easing off, the wind easing, as well. Temperatures in the


mid teens in places, so, yes, heading for a settled spell of


weather at long last. Take a look on the website for the forecast of


where you are in


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