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The latest weather forecast.

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by the students are likely to choose. Let's get the weather


outlook for tonight and tomorrow now, from Judith.


It has been a wet evening but the rain continues to clear living much


of the country dry. We have some drizzle for southern parts. Tomorrow


it will be quite different. It is a cold day. The showers piling across


western Scotland and extend further east. As we head towards the


afternoon, they become fewer and lighter. Once we seek cold wind


digging in, those showers turned increasingly wintry. By the end of


the afternoon, we should see drier conditions. There is some good


spells of sunshine but it will be windy.


And that's Reporting Scotland. Our next update is during Breakfast at


6.25 tomorrow morning. But, from everyone on the late team here in


Glasgow and around the country, goodnight.


outlook for London. Temperatures stay like this.


Hello, after the teenage tantrums of the last couple of months, the


weather is going to move into more sedate middle age will stop maybe


tonight is the midlife crisis because it is still likely -- middle


age. Breezy and cloudy for most will stop but it will not be cold, but


wet, particularly across Cumbria. The railway -- the rain is reluctant


to move from Northern Ireland, Scotland, increasingly wet across


Wales later. More patchy. West England, the Midlands and East of


the Pennines, temperatures no lower than 10 degrees. Not a cold night


anywhere. A wet start tomorrow across parts of England and Wales


but that rain will ease away and cloud will rake. Brighter skies


spread in from the North West a different outlook to the afternoon,


particularly for Wales and south-west England where it has been


cloudy. Beautiful blue skies tomorrow, light winds, temperatures


up to 14 degrees, possibly 16 degrees in some parts of the South


East. Further North, 20 of sunshine and drier weather but temperatures


lower and winds are stronger. A cold afternoon. And, snow showers on low


levels. Some ice is around across Scotland overnight on Friday, and a


cold night generally across Scotland, England and central and


eastern of Wales. Further West, the wind will dig up because of this low


session. It will stay to the West. It will bring some rain to Northern


Ireland and Scotland through the early part of Saturday. Cloudy skies


for England and Wales to start with for the weekend but it will write in


from the South -- Brighton. -- it will brighten up. Sunday, the warmer


weather will linger across the South East particularly. Disappointingly


cloudy elsewhere operator for Scotland and Northern Ireland, some


rain left. But that has disappeared by next week and this is what we


will be looking at, high-pressure settling across the whole of the UK.


Many places could stay dry throughout next week, possibly


beyond. Warm sunshine by day, frosty by night, so if you get carried away




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