10/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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brightness. Temperatures at around 11 or 12 degrees. This is the


outlook. 11 or 12 degrees. This is the


outlook. If you are heading somewhere else in the UK, you need


the forecast. Hello. The local weather detail you have just heard


fit into an overall pattern which is now equivocal in different from the


one that gave us our wettest winter on record.


We have spent the day watching high pressure pushing across the UK. It


is settling our weather down like any area of high pressure. It is


here for a while. It is here for this week. The Jetstream has moved


north and the wet and whether -- whinny systems have moved towards


Iceland. Our weather is now much quieter. Sundays are sunnier than


others. In the sunshine from it feels warm. At night it will be


chilly. This is the most important word making a big impact - dry. We


have had some cloud in the next few hours. Under that, you avoid frost.


Where it is clearest, northern England, Scotland and Northern


Ireland, the hint England, Scotland and Northern


shows fast developing. -- frost. Tomorrow, thanks to the


high-pressure, that would make an appearance again and there will be


some sunshine. That is for all of us. This is 8am. Some cloud around


in Western and Northern Isles. Elsewhere, some fog patches. Most of


it should be gone by late morning. Further south, we are more into the


cloud. Still a South East England, and noticeable wind adding an extra


chill. Not quite as brisk, though, as it was today. This area of cloud


will shrink during the day. There will be few holes appearing, but


inevitably some of us will remain cloudy all day. If you break into


sunshine from it will feel pleasant, especially in the northern half of


the UK. Although temperatures are close to normal, it is better


underneath the blue sky. It will feel warmer for the start of the


Cheltenham Festival tomorrow compared to last year. Wednesday


will be the sunny out the next two. There is uncertainty about cloud


this week. This gives an idea of the variety on offer. The week is not


without weather hazards because we have still got fog patches in the


morning. The high-pressure gets a glancing blow from a weather front


going into Friday. It is not enough to send it packing. It is still here


at the


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