11/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Thursday. It will brighten up as the day goes on.


Thursday. It will brighten up as the day goes on. Here is the UK


forecast. Plenty of dry weather over the next


few days, especially across southern areas. That is courtesy of


high-pressure, keeping the weather fronts at bay to the north-west. It


was cold and grey across southern areas today. Further north, lots of


bustling sunshine after a cold start. The same glens of Scotland


are already in Frost, you can see by the tinge of blue across Scotland,


Northern Ireland and parts of northern England. In towns and


cities, not for of freezing. In Google areas, -5 in the glens. Low


cloud developing, areas of fog. They will tend to shrink away as we go


through the morning. Increasing sunshine developing. It is looking


good for a fine afternoon across the vast majority of the UK, certainly


for Northern Ireland and Scotland, a nice afternoon. Fine and dry through


the spine of the UK. The club might persist across parts of the north


and west Midlands, but it is much warmer across southern counties


compared with today. There could be some see mist in this close to the


coast of south-east England. If you are going racing at Cheltenham, it


should brighten up nicely. If not, you can listen on BBC Radio 5 Live.


Tomorrow evening and overnight, the fog will be more of an issue, quite


dusty patch is developing into the early hours of Thursday morning. We


could see some Met Office weather warnings issued. The same time, the


rain turns up for the north-west of Scotland. Further south, the


high-pressure continues to hold sway. After the foggy start, things


should brighten up, with pleasant, warm weather developing. It will be


cold and damp across the West of Scotland. It is wet and windy as we


go into Friday.


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