12/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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nicely. The outlook is similar on Friday but fog less of a problem


over Friday but fog less of a problem


over the weekend. Good evening. Step outside in the


morning and it feels a bit fresh. Reassure yourself, it could be a lot


worse. Exactly a year ago it was extraordinarily cold and snowy.


These were some of the scenes. This march is very different. A very


pleasant in the sunshine, once the fog has cleared. The fog is


re-forming again right now. Nasty patches developing through the


night, becoming widespread across England and Wales. In the


north-west, rain across Scotland. Temperatures well below these


values. We have a yellow warning in force from the Met Office for fog.


Could be very difficult patches around and disruption is certainly


possible. Check your BBC local radio station in the morning. These are


the areas we think will be worst affected. The Thames Valley, the


Somerset Levels, the Severn Valley, the Trent Valley and up towards


Merseyside. It went before the everywhere but the risk is there.


Fewer patches further north but more cloud across Scotland, particularly


in the West, where it will be a dreary, damp start. This weather


front will move further southwards through Scotland but most of rain


will stay out, with very little reaching eastern Scotland. Northern


Ireland stays mostly dry and fine. 20 of sunshine across England and


Wales once the fog has cleared. It will linger in a few spots, keeping


it cool, but most places will eventually warm up quite nicely Mid


possibly high teens in some places though coastal fringes will stay


misty. For green forms and we do it all again on Friday. It will take a


while for the patches to clear across the southern half of the UK.


Further north, windy and another front brings wet weather for a time


across the north and west of Scotland. Sunshine further south and


east and it will feel very nice up into the high teens in a few places.


For the weekend, weather fronts will cross the country but will be fairly


weak. They will thicken up the cloud at times and bring some patchy rain,


particularly across northern and western parts, but with high


pressure in close attendance I'm reasonably optimistic for the vast


majority through this weekend. There will be a lot of dry weather. The


best of the sunshine across the more southern and eastern areas, where it


will feel quite warm, though tempered by a blustery wind.


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