13/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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than it did today across parts of the Thames estuary, temperatures


than it did today across parts of the Thames estuary, temperatures


could be 17 or 18 degrees. Now we will get the National forecast.


It has been a funny day. Warm and sunny for some, cool and mystique


for others, cloudy and damp for a few. Wet weather getting into


northern Scotland tonight. Fog is the issue. It already is across the


heart of England with thick patches. It could become widespread through


the rest of the night. Touches of frost where the skies remain clear


for any length of time. Tomorrow morning, difficult conditions across


more central and southern parts of England. Dense patches. If you are


planning a journey early, allow extra time because you could run


into trouble. Check out your BBC local radio station first thing in


the morning. There could be some disk -- significant disruption.


There is a yellow warning in force. Some of us can look forward too hazy


sunshine when the fog lifts. It stays damp across parts of western


Scotland, through the Irish sea as well. The Cheltenham, the fog should


lift but will stay cloudy. Ltd brightness butter bridges hopefully


up towards the double figures. It will be cloudy and western coasts of


England and Wales and through the Bristol Channel. The best of the


brightness will be further east 17 or 18 degrees is possible. To the


west of the Pennines, dampness here. The South West of Scotland. The rain


heavily in North. It will turn showery across the Northern Isles


and windy towards the end of the day in northern Scotland. The wind is a


key feature over the weekend. But the benefit is they will clear the


fog away. For the rest of us, the cloud will thin and break,


particularly across more southwestern part of England and


Wales on Saturday. Temperatures will respond quite nicely. On Sunday we


have still got the run up north wind. A breezy day at high pressure


is in close attendance. Towards the north and west of Scotland, again


some dampness to be had. Northern and western areas will keep a lot of


crowd -- cloud. To sum up this weekend,


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