14/03/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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weekend's forecast for London. And now the weather centre with news of


world and national Further rain in the Highlands. The


cloud will break up to reveal sunshine in Northern Ireland and


central and southern parts of England in particular. A lot of


sport taking place. The Six Nationses should be fine. At the


Wales and Scotland match. You can watch the action on BBC One. Now it


may stay cloudy in the south-west. But some brightness in the southern


counties. Up to 18 degrees. In the north the wind will be stronger and


more cloud around, particularly to the west. But Northern Ireland doing


OK. For Scotland a lot of cloud and strong winds and still rain in the


north-west Highlands. That wind will get gusty through afternoon and


evening and extend into eastern Scotland and north-east England


Gusts up to 60mph. Keep an eye on that. The breeze will spread cloud


south-east on Sunday and the sunshine will be limited to the far


south-east and here the best of the temperatures. Up to possibly 20


degrees. So another warm day. But cloudier and cooler further north


and west. Further dampness in the north-west of Scotland. For many a


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