21/03/2014 BBC Weather


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us. Showers for the weekend. I leave you with our summary, but now, the


National forecast. Good evening. If you can cast your


mind back to this time last week, we were looking forward to sunshine and


warmth, we got temperatures of 20 Celsius. This weekend, it will be


cold and windy, with showers. We saw quite a few earlier on today, then


this organised band of cloud, containing gusty wind, rain, sleet


and snow. Some gusty wind and blustery Wayne moving east, clearing


out to the North Sea, and further wintry showers coming in overnight.


It will turn quite cold, with icy conditions expected in parts of


Wales, and into Scotland. Do not be surprised to see a dusting of snow


in the south-west of England, but apart from that, it is a windy


morning with a bit of sunshine and heavy early showers. Some showers


across Wales in the morning. Potential for ice in parts of Wales


and into Northern Ireland, and showers working in from the west,


potential for wintry weather for most. It is quite blustery in


Scotland, the showers turned to snow. In the East of Scotland, it is


cold and potentially icy. Many places in the eastern side of the UK


get off to a decent start. There might be a few early showers on the


south coast. The best brightness will be in the east, the cloud will


begin, and heavy showers develop into the afternoon, with the chance


of hail and thunder almost anywhere. A cold feel to things. The cold,


frosty start on sunshine dash-mac on Sunday. A few showers in the East of


England. It will feel cold. It is cold through the weekend, with


showers. It will be particularly cold by the time. Sunday night looks


very cold. Some rueful spots will go three or four degrees below


freezing. The clear skies overnight mean there will be sunshine to start


the day on Monday.


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