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fairly cool stuff, showers coming through and that's


fairly cool stuff, showers coming through and that's the theme. I will


leave you with that summary. Good evening. The skies were clear for


most parts of the UK and it will turn quite cold but we have to get


rid of the band of rain slipping its way southwards through the day.


Gusty wind. Also a temperature contrast. 16 degrees in Norwich.


Five degrees in Stornoway. It is the colder air which will win tonight.


It will push down across all parts and be a cold night. The next few


days, colder than of late. It will eventually chased the rain away and


the last longest on the coast of Kent but, for many, it will be clear


and cold but we have some showers to be found further north. Northern


Ireland and Scotland, wintry showers around. Lowest temperatures in the


north of the UK, getting close to freezing. A risk of icy patches in


Scotland through the morning. A little bit slippery places. Wintry


showers over the hills but spells of sunshine. Northern Ireland, icy


patches through the morning but, apart from that, most places bright


and breezy. A good chunk of Central England will start on a lovely theme


with plenty of sunshine but quite cold, 4-6. Extra cloud down towards


Kent and in the south-west with one or two showers through the morning.


It will turn down to a showery day. Heavy showers developing. Hail and


thunder. Into the afternoon, things getting more organised. Cool fields


of things. Top temperatures in the south-east. 12-13. And then, through


the evening, squalling showers working from West to East. By dawn


on Saturday, they will be some lengthy clear spells and it will be


quite cold once again. A risk of icy patches across the north and west of


the UK. A chilly start Saturday and it will a chilly day again, quite


breezy, cloudy, outbreaks of rain, scattered showers, wintry over the


hills. Again, top temperatures in the south-east, just into double


figures. The second part of the weekend, most of the showers


confined to the north and east of the UK. Further west, things drying


out. All in all, through the weekend, it will be quite chilly


with some wintry showers around. Particularly cold at night


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