25/03/2014 BBC Weather


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might be wintry. Feeling chilly at 10 degrees. The outlook,


might be wintry. Feeling chilly at 10 degrees. The outlook, it stays


chilly and temperatures look like they will pick up towards the eight


-- weekend. In early spring, a bit of sunshine


makes the difference. Today we had some sunshine in the far east of the


UK and in the far west. In Northern Ireland and East Anglia,


temperatures climbed into the teens. But for most of us, it was gloomy


and temperatures were at sixes and sevens. Single figure temperatures


will feature heavily over the next few days. We are already seeing the


weather coming in from the east pushing the weather to the West so


we will see showers continuing in the night. Isolated showers. Most


towns and cities just about avoiding a frost but in rural areas we will


seek pockets of frost and fog patches for the morning. Some


showers across the West but it will brighten up in the West, however in


the East the cloud thickens, the winds pick up and out rakes of rain


coming from the North Sea. It will be a different day across East


Anglia. Feeling much colder. Five or six Celsius with outbreaks of rain


and some of the rain could be on the heavy side at times across the


Midlands. In the West there will be a few showers but there should be


more brightness here. It will feel raw along the North Sea coast. For


much of Scotland it will be dry and bright with a bit of sunshine. Early


showers in the west slowly petering out. Showers will come in across the


UK tomorrow evening, turning wintry and some snow over the hills of


northern England and Scotland as the wind continues. It is swirling


around an area of low pressure which will drift across the UK on


Wednesday and Thursday. We have not seen many easterly winds over recent


months but it will feel cold on the East Coast and again a mixture of


sunshine and showers on Thursday. Perhaps brighter across East Anglia


and the South East in the afternoon. But temperatures will be in single


figures for most of us. The wind access to ending the cold on the


east. It is there again on Friday. Showery rain at cross the South.


Eight or nine will be the high. A cold wind, a big feature of the


weather, certainly for the rest of the working week. It will bring a


bit of sunshine but also some showers. However, there are some


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