26/03/2014 BBC Weather


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blowing. On the outlook, it is warming up towards the weekend.


Here's Nick Miller with more. Some of the many faces of spring


weather showed themselves today. Sun in Scotland, snow in the showers


that moved in across England. Hail as well. Adrian took this picture


from Essex and the chilly feel stays with us for the rest of the week


along with further showers. If you don't like this, wait for this!


Temperatures heading up at the weekend. To achieve that, we need to


change the weather pattern which is tailored towards a cold wind coming


in from the North Sea and low pressure giving us showers. Cold


enough for the rest of the night for the showers to fall as snow on the


Pennines and even to relatively low levels, there could be temporary


accumulations. A touch of frost and patchy ice and a bit of mist and fog


here and there as Thursday begins. At 8am, heavy showers scattered


about on the south coast of England into the far south-west. Could be a


rumble of thunder to give you an early alarm call! Elsewhere, a fair


amount of cloud. Some bright and sunny spells with one or two showers


dotted about, some from the word go, in Northern Ireland, some


heading into north-east England and eastern Scotland still with the


chilly easterly wind. Everything moving from east to west on the wind


so a bit more cloud in Scotland, a few more showers heading west. Into


the afternoon, we could see the showers merging to give heavy rain


across northern England. Elsewhere, scattered heavy showers, some with


hail and blunder. Some sunny spells for the afternoon for Northern


Ireland and north-west Scotland. Though cold in the wind, not quite


as cold along the eastern side as today. Friday brings further rain to


the north of England. Further south of that, some sun and still the


chilly wind. Temperature is heading up in south-east England. The first


to get the change that will change things for the weekend will see that


it's all about the wind direction. A warm flow from the continent on a


southeasterly breeze pushing the warm air northwards across the UK


over the weekend. Not wall-to-wall sunshine - some weather fronts close


to the UK threatens some with some rain but that's not set in stone.


Cold air from the sea into eastern Scotland and north-east England with


cloud. Elsewhere very breezy but when you get hazy


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