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The latest weather forecast.

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weekend. If you are travelling further afield here is a look at the


National pig genome. -- National picture.


Most of us will be dry and bright with some sunshine coming through.


That goes for the weekend as well. Look out for some chilly night.


Certainly tonight in the South temperatures falling away under


those clear skies. As low as two or three degrees in rural areas. Still


some patchy rain through parts of southern Scotland and Northern


Ireland early on in the day. But most of England and Wales have a dry


start. Some spells of sunshine especially across the East, but some


mist and fog patches around. They should not last too long. The main


change tomorrow is this rain slowly creeping across North West England.


And eventually we have rain across North Wales. To the north of that


brighter skies follow. Along with a sprinkling of showers. Most of the


southern half of the UK dry and with a bit of sunshine with good reach


around 16 or 17 degrees. The weather front will pep up a little through


the evening before it finally fizzled out as we go into Friday.


These were the scenes on Monday for the first practice round in


Atlanta. And as the masters gets underway there will be plenty of


sunshine. Not quite so warm across the UK on Friday. The fact a cold


start with some frost possible in the north of Britain. Sunny


intervals for most. Some scattered showers in the North West of


Scotland. Into the weekend and again we have a weather front driving


south fizzling out as it does so. And an area of high pressure


re-establishing itself. The weather front will provide some rain on


Saturday for Scotland and northern Ireland. The chilly start for the


London Marathon. It could get warmer for the stragglers. A full London


Marathon forecast on the BBC weather website. Goodbye.


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