16/04/2014 BBC Weather


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Good evening. The good news is that it will be a reasonably sunny start


to the Easter weekend. The bad news is that it will not stay that way


for many of us. Overnight tonight, many of us will be dry with patchy


rain across Scotland. Some of us will -- some of this will track into


northern England and were. Quite patchy in nature. Not a lot of rain.


Dry further south. Maybe a touch of frost across the far south-east. The


other end of the UK, blustery showers across the North West of


Scotland but further south, patchy rain across northern and will. --


North England and were. A sunny start across the far south-east of


thing and after a chilly dawn, it will warm up nicely. For most of us,


more cloud in the sky then recently. Blustery showers across Scotland.


Showers brightening, coming sunny. -- turning sunny. Potentially as


high as 20 degrees in London. For most of us, a good deal cooler. Good


Friday, and after a potentially frosty start for some, high pressure


will build in. A lovely day for many of us with plenty of sunshine. A


cool breeze near the east Coast. Further west, light winds, sunshine,


and things warming up. Into Saturday morning, another frost and then


another lovely day for most of us. Plenty of sunshine. Perhaps the odd


shower later on in the day. To sum up, it will be a dry start with


plenty of sunshine. Nico most of it because it will turn for many of us.


Trouble looming on Easter Sunday across the continent. A developing


area across the continent. We are confident that we will see wet


weather across the south-east, spreading westwards through England


and Wales. Some pretty strong and cold wind. Potentially, temperatures


helped back to eight or nine degrees for much of the day. Contrast this


with Northern Ireland and western Scotland, it will probably stay


sunny, and could be as high as 15 or 16. On Easter day, contrast. Easter


Monday, and Sheffield with showers. -- unsettled with showers.


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