17/04/2014 BBC Weather


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An area of low pressure parking itself across southern Engl`nd, so


we will see wet itself across southern England, so


we will see wet weather over England. Have a good Easter.


One thing we can be sure about is it won't be as cold as Easter last


year, when we had seems like this, a covering of snow with icicles and


temperatures down to an Easter record of minus 12.5 Celsius. One


year and a couple of weeks on, things look very different. The


first half of the Easter weekend, a lot of dry weather and a lot of warm


and strong sunshine as well. It is the second half of the Easter


weekend when things turn more unsettled, with some rain around. A


few showers today from the belt of cloud that was sweeping south and


the last of that is heading towards the south-west corner of England.


Clearer skies following from the North. A colder night than last


night. We could see a frost in Scotland. A chilly start to Good


Friday. Clear skies will lead to blue skies with a lovely looking day


across most areas, light winds and patchy cloud here and there. Some


cloud on the far north-west of Scotland but away from there, the


rest of Scotland and Northern Ireland should enjoy lots of


sunshine, lighter winds with temperatures a couple of the --


couple of degrees higher than today. Light winds across Wales towards the


south-west and here it will feel very pleasant in the sunshine. Could


get up to 17 or 18. Most of the Southeast and East Anglia, some


patchy, fire with a cloud bubbling up and it will feel a good deal


cooler than today. Away from the cloud and rain, we will also see


some patchy cloud pushing into England and eventually Wales,


perhaps, with one or two showers in the south-east corner of England.


Most places dry with sunshine. As we head into Easter Sunday, this


circulation is heading in with a big change. Some stronger winds, colder


with rain, too, and how far north and west it gets is open to doubt.


Could be an inch of rain, 25 millimetres. At least try for


Scotland and Northern Ireland and those hanging onto some sunshine for


Easter Monday. The low pressure pulling away taking most of the


rain, leaving behind showers and bright sunny spells with


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