22/04/2014 BBC Weather


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is not looking too bad. That's weather front.


It is never too early to think about next weekend and I will be doing


that in a couple of minutes. But we have a sizeable chunk of this


week's whether to go first. There are more showers, but there will be


spells of warm sunshine around as well, so there will be no frost at


night. Bands of showers across the western side of the UK and


Scotland's passing through overnight. Another heavy burst


coming into the south-west later on in the night. This rain band slowly


comes in from the South West and this is how Wednesday starts at


eight o'clock in the morning. It will turn out to be a warmer day in


Scotland, but misty low cloud in the North East and that will impact on


the temperature. There will be a few bright spells punching through this


cloud and a sunny day to come here tomorrow. But then we have this rain


across south-west England and Wales. Rain of varying intensities


and heavier bursts moving slowly during the day. Expect it to stick


around for a few hours. In Northern Ireland although we start with


outbreaks of rain, we expect things to improve in the afternoon. As we


go deeper into the day, this rain will not move very far. It alleges


across Wales and more of south-west England. Ahead of it there are some


sunny spells. With the rain temperatures are not up to much But


with the sunshine it is pleasantly warm and humid. Warmer in Scotland.


For Northern Ireland there could be some intense downpours in the


evening, particularly in the West. The rain band moves east overnight.


We could start with mist and fog on Thursday morning. The rain is still


hanging around in the North East of Scotland on Thursday. But elsewhere


there will be sunnier skies. A bit of a lull on Friday and some rain


towards the east. Then low pressure comes in for next weekend with


showers and gusty winds.


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