30/04/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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as well. The outlook, it shows you it will get cooler as we had through


the it will get cooler as we had through


the weekend but brighter, although gardeners beware, night-time frosts.


It was a day of contrasts across the UK today, rain coming in from the


West but in the south-east, like winds and sunshine, up to 20


degrees. Contrast that with six degrees in the East of Scotland. In


between we've seen some thunderstorms and more general


showers coming in to the western side of the UK. Northern Ireland,


Wales and the south-west. The best chance of staying dry is across


Lincolnshire and East Anglia. A lot of cloud around generally


overnight, some patches of mist and maybe a few patches of fog as well.


The lowest temperatures will be in the far north of the UK, but the


Northern Isles will also see the best of the weather through the


morning. In the east, cloudy, wet and windy, cold, too. Some of the


rain gets towards Glasgow. Into double figures for Northern Ireland


but a fair bit of cloud and rain. Across northern England, some fog


over the hills and quite wet weather coming into the north-east. A lot of


cloud through the morning in the south-east, maybe misty over the


hills. Not much rain but there will be some. The main focus for the rain


is towards the south-west. As we get into the afternoon, those showers


will turn heavier. There will be some rumbles of thunder to go with


it. But there will also be some spells of sunshine. The sunshine in


the London area, temperatures of 16 or 17 degrees. But not so in the


north-east of England, and much colder day than it was today.


Brighter weather in the far north of Scotland, and that will be drifting


its way south through the day on Friday. But with that brighter


weather come some colder air. A bit of a change in the feel of things


towards Friday, but it will be a decent day. It will be a decent day


the most of us, but it turns cold on Friday night. By dawn on Saturday we


are hovering around freezing. Quite widespread frost to start the


weekend, but it looks like a pretty decent day with high pressure firmly


in charge. Most places will be dry and bright with a variable amount of


cloud. On Saturday into Sunday, the weather front will drift across the


north bringing outbreaks of rain. Further south, high pressure brings


pretty decent weather. It will be quite cold through the night and in


the mornings, but looking pretty good for the most part. However,




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