01/05/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Holiday Weekend, pretty optimistic on that at the moment, that there


will be on that at the moment, that there


will be some sunshine around. More on that in the national forecast.


Our weather is taking a turn for the colder. You would be forgiven for


thinking that does not bode well for the Bank Holiday Weekend. But as we


go through the weekend, temperatures will be performing a U-turn, and


recovering, as we will see. England and Wales has borne the brunt of


some heavy downpours, with still some lively show is out there at the


moment. But they are fading. Clearer skies in Scotland, so here, some


spots will get close to freezing if not below tonight. But a better day


on the way tomorrow. Even where you start with cloud, it will eventually


brighten up. For Scotland, some sunny spells from the word go. So, a


chilly but bright start. Other areas, a pretty slow start, with


showers dotted about in eastern England. At least the blanket of


cloud overnight will stop the temperature going down too far.


Moving on through the day, very slowly, we will see some bright or


sunny spells coming through. Still one or two showers for East Anglia,


south-east England, but the vast majority will stay dry. It will feel


colder, compared to today. But for the northern half of the UK, it will


feel a bit better. However, tomorrow night, temperatures will drop, and


away from the cloudy areas in the west, and the North Sea coast, in


between, we will see a ground frost developing in places. If you are a


gardener, bear that in mind for Friday night Saturday morning. But


this is the big feature for the start of the weekend, high pressure,


looking promising, but we have this weather front trying to come in from


the Atlantic. Although the vast majority on Saturday will have a


decent day, to the west, we have increasing cloud, which could be


affecting Northern Ireland and western Scotland later. Some of that


rain on Sunday fading into Scotland and northern England. And then on


Bank Holiday Monday, the rain has gone and the warmth is coming back.


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