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The latest weather forecast.

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should turn cloudy but warmer for the rest of the weekend. Now look at


the Outlook with Nick Miller. Neuer-macro don't worry, this is not


the repeat. It is live. This is the forecast you are more likely to see


in January than May, but this is a cold night for the time of year. We


have got some cloud coming into the West, stopping the temperature going


down too far. It may produce light rain later in the night, maybe a


rogue shower from patchy cloud in East Anglia. For most, dry, clear,


temperatures are on the way down and will end up lower than this in the


coldest rural spots by morning. -4 in rural Scotland in the coldest


moral spots in southern England, so gardeners take note, frost for some


of us are begins. What about the rest of the weekend? High pressure


is here as it begins. You may think, great, settled weather, it does


protect the south and east of the UK but Atlantique weather fronts coming


to the north and west, giving some rain at times. First, for tomorrow,


it is a fine start. Chilly, a lot of dry weather around from the word go.


Quite a bit of sunshine. The first Atlantique weather system is


bringing cloud and rain to some of us, initially to Northern Ireland


and heading into western Scotland. A bit of patchy cloud developing in


East Anglia and south-east England but a lot of sunshine, parts of the


Midlands to East Yorkshire. Cloud increasing for Wales and western


England. It will be evening before we see rain getting to north-west


Wales. A bit warmer, dry until late into the day in eastern Scotland.


The rain gets into Northern Ireland and eventually to western Scotland.


Not the heaviest rain you have seen. A touch of frost to start the day


and south-east England on Sunday. A lot of cloud around on Sunday. North


Wales, the North Midlands northwards, some outbreaks of rain.


Not raining all the time. Temperatures are higher despite the


cloud. It is helped by sunshine later in the day. For the Bank


Holiday, there is some uncertainty about the speed of the arrival of


the rain and the next weather system coming in. It may not look like this


on Monday. It may be later in the day before we get them rain. We will


keep you updated but it looks like with high-pressure close by the best


of the weather will be in the south and east of the UK. Even in


north-east Scotland we could see 17 or 18 Celsius. A lot to play for in


the detail. Watch the forecast through the weekend.


My fellow friends, it's time to get your glad rags on,


invite your friends over, and bring out the hors d'oeuvres,


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