30/05/2014 BBC Weather


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showers into the early part of next week. Enjoy


showers into the early part of next week. Enjoy the weekend, if you can.


Now the national outlook. Hello, lots of outdoor plans ahead.


By and large, we are in pretty good shape. A quick look back at spring.


It was the third warmest on record but the dullest May in Northern


Ireland on record. It has been dull across many parts of the UK in


actual fact. Scotland had some sunshine and parts of East Anglia


and the south-east as well. Under the cloud tonight temperatures will


stay well up. But under the clear skies will get down close to


freezing. A dry start to the weekend virtually everywhere. It will stay


that way for the vast majority as we go through the day. There will be


some subtle variations around the UK. As funny start for East Anglia


and the south-east. -- a sunny start. It looks fine across Scotland


and Northern Ireland tomorrow. One or two showers developing,


particularly in northern England, parts of Wales the Midlands and


parts of the West Country as well. But they will be fairly isolated.


Increasing amounts of sunshine on the East Coast. If you're heading to


the cricket at Lord's, you will feel quite comfortable for spectating. It


should stay dry through the day. Onto Sunday and all eyes to the


north-west. We have been keeping an eye on this frontal system. Across


Northern Ireland and western Scotland, dry for much of the day


before eventually rain arrives later on. For the rest of the UK, a fine


day. Temperatures getting up to the low 20s. Enjoyed it because quick


look ahead to the early part of next week shows a change in the weather.


No pressure taking over and that means rain for the first few days of


June. Very unsettled. It will feel a lot cooler as we look ahead to the


first few days of June.


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