29/05/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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Good evening. Most of us look like ending the week on a dry note. Some


of us end it today on a particularly wet note. Notably across parts of


south-west England and up into the Midland, a line of vicious storms


and thunder in there too. They have been spreading further west in parts


of Wales and southern counties. They'll tend to fade away the rest


of the night, but one or two lingering on. Most other places


having a quiet night. Cloud and mistiness out there.


Across the glens of northern Scotland, temperatures will get well


down into single fir. But for most of the rest of us, a relatively mild


night staying in double digits. One or two showers from word go across


the south-west which will be the focus for any showers tomorrow.


There won't be that many. Most of the country will have a quiet day,


albeit rather cloudy. Through the afternoon, a snapshot,


mid afternoon one or two showers across Scotland but most places will


avoid these. A fair bit of cloud. Some of the best of the sunshine


will be around the coastal fringe, the cloud filling in inland.


Pausing across Wales, we have the Queen's Baton Relay which will


continue to move into north-eastern parts of Wales. If you are


attending, it should be dry and hopefully you will see some sunshine


with light winds, feeling very pleasant indeed. The focus for any


showers will be further south-west across Wales and more particularly


the south-west of England. They won't be as widespread or heavy as


they were today. Mid to high teens, maybe the odd 20


somewhere and with light winds, it will feel quite pleasant. More of


the same on Saturday. A quiet day, a bit of cloud around and the odd


shower breaking out across the heart of the UK.


Mid to high teens, low 20s in some places with light winds. So far so


good. Into Sunday, the weather front has


been challenging us forecast, in terms of how quickly it spreads


east. It looks as if it will push into Northern Ireland and Scotland,


so things going downhill here with rain arriving through the day.


Further south and east, a good chance we'll see some sunshine and a


good few of us will stay dry. There is an increasing risk of showers


later on. The detail a little uncertain. We'll


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