12/06/2014 BBC Weather


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turn pressure with temperattres easing back and here is my colleague


with the rest of the weekend forecast.


A day of contrast today. In the Northwest we saw cloud moving in


which brought a little bit of rain but it also stopped temperatures


from rising too far. 16 or 17 degrees typical, contrasted with 20


degrees in London. We will see the skies clear across the southern half


tonight. Some rural spots might dip into single figures and there might


be showers, mist and fog in rural spots, but that's about it for


England and Wales. Further north, heavy bursts of rain on the west of


Scotland. Not too much on the eastern side, and some rain getting


into Northern Ireland by dawn. In the rush hour across central and


western Scotland, not pleasant, it will be wet but not too windy. And


Northern Ireland is not great. Surface spray on the roads. Northern


England, cloud in the morning, but most places on a drying out. South,


a dry start, then we are into plenty of sunshine through the morning


Warm sunshine, 17 or 18 degrees and the winds are light. We are only a


couple of degrees behind that in the south and west. Extra cloud develops


across England and Wales, so sunny spells in the afternoon. Further


north, it becomes lighter and patchy as the rain sinks to the south. We


keep the temperature contrast. 6 in Glasgow, 27 in London, quite humid


and the pollen count remains high. Through the evening, rain in


southern Scotland, but ahead of that across parts of England,


particularly the East and Midlands we might see thunderstorms breaking


out. On the other side of the Atlantic, in Brazil, a full day of


action and there could be thundery showers for the matches, but they


will both be hot and humid. The temperatures this weekend, slipping


back a few degrees. However, a lot of dry weather and eastern England


will probably see the biggest drop in temperatures, going from the


middle 20s to the low teens on Saturday. So a noticeable change in


the feel of the weather and it will look different. There will be a bit


more cloud, one or two showers dotted around, but in the south


West, a bit lighter and sunshine and with light winds are pretty decent


start the weekend. A similar day on Sunday call and breezy and inland


one or two showers are most places dry. Some light wind in the south


and West,


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