13/06/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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enjoy it. With the outlook for the next couple of days, looking good,


temperatures in the 20s. Now the West -- now the National forecast.


Good evening. Over the last two days in the south of England there has


been a lot of sunshine and temperatures up to 26 degrees. Don't


expect temperatures that high this weekend, cooler for many. A lot of


dry weather even if it is a little bit on the cloudy side at times We


see the cloud increasing this afternoon and through the evening.


The cloud has been drifting south. Over the last few hours we started


to see thunderstorms. Over the next few hours, further thunderstorms to


be found across parts of northern England, the Midlands, the eastern


side of Wales. They are drifting south overnight. Every bursts of


rain with that. Most will clear into the English Channel. A lot of cloud


out there, temperatures 14 or 1 degrees. Around the North Sea


coastal areas, temperatures not rising far because there is a cool


breeze from the North. Inland, the cloud -- the cloud breaks up in the


afternoon. Sunny spells developing. One or two showers. On the western


side of Scotland, doing well in the afternoon, warmer than it has been.


Up to 21 Celsius in Glasgow. Light winds. A few showers over the higher


ground. Maybe a shower towards Dundee under fresher feel. Northern


Ireland, should see some sunshine into the afternoon. One or two


showers. The eastern side of England, cooler with the onshore


breeze. A fair bit of cloud around. Holes in the cloud, so a bit of


sunshine gets inland. 21 degrees in London. You could get 22 or 23 in


the south-west. Sunny spells, one or two showers. The showers could turn


heavier later in the day. A dry forecast for Lord's. 21 degrees a


light wind. Into the evening, England taking on Italy in the


jungle city of Manaus. It will be hot and humid. It will be quite


testing conditions. Back on our shores for Sunday. A cool breeze


coming out of the North Sea. Cool along the North Sea coastal areas.


Inland, we will have spells of sunshine. Drive virtually


everywhere. One or two showers. Temperatures into the low 20s. Next


week, a lot of dry, bright weather. Settled with high pressure. Some


sunshine. It should feel quite warm. If you need more details,


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