16/06/2014 BBC Weather


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one or two showers around and with more across the UK, here is John


Hammond. A lot of dry weather this week. Some


important variations from day-to-day and place to place. The cloud will


come and go and the warmth will Take today, we were shivering under


the cloud in eastern England. . In stark contrast here, 25 Celsius


here. The warmest day of the year so far. On Tuesday, the map turns


orange. That shows higher temperatures for many of us


tomorrow. Not exactly cold overnight. Under the clearest of the


skies, in rural spots, will get down to six or seven Celsius. For larger


towns and cities, will get to double figures. Dampness in Scotland. It is


a cloudy start where you are across the south and the east of the UK,


hang on in there. The sun should come out and it will be a dazzling


day. Good news if you are off to Royal Ascot. Warm, up into the low


20s. A light breeze. That will be typical for many southern counties.


A much, much sunnier and warmer day than today. Further north, a bit


more cloud. Mind you, that cloud should allow some brightness around.


It will feel humid, the further north we go, across Northern Ireland


and Scotland. A lot of dry weather and yes, a muggy 25 Celsius is


possible through the central belt. For the Queen's baton relay, it may


start off dry in the morning, but there are increasing chances of


showers in the afternoon, as it ends up in Haddington. Chance of sharp


showers. We will track that. Keep an eye on it into the early hours of


Wednesday morning. Rain reaching potentially the southern parts of


the UK. Uncertainty about the detail. A different start to the day


on Wednesday. A lot more cloud around. Brightness at a premium


Still warm and muggy, but the warm shower breaking out through the


spine of the UK. It is all change again on Thursday. We see a cold


front coming down across the country. It will bring a few


showers. Many places will stay dry. It will introduce cooler northerly


winds as we end the week. Temperatures will slide back down


again. Not desperately cold. Temperatures easing down. Most of us


will remain dry. So much pressure,


so much expectation. It's the title that


all the players want to win. We are about to find out whether


they can cook. You're going to love it.


Smashed it. Yum-yum-yum. They are nervous. Ken's just


frying some lettuce.


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