24/06/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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National forecast. I will ldave you with the summary. Turning more


unsettled as we head with the summary. Turning more


unsettled as we head towards the weekend.


Good evening. After what has been a glorious few weeks of summer


sunshine for many of us, things are about to change over the next 24


hours. We are seeing the change marked by the weather front on the


satellite image. To the south of that, 25 degrees, in Bournemouth for


instance, but in the north and east, cooler, fresher air. That sets the


scene for tomorrow. A cooler day. We will have hazy sunshine on offer,


although cloudier skies than we have been used it over the past week.


Tonight we have thicker cloud bringing more two spots of drizzly


rain for some southern areas. Many parts dry, but we have the rain


heading in towards the far north-west for the early hours of


Wednesday. A cool night ahead. Many areas in single figures towards the


East of Scotland and north-east England. Wednesday starts on a cool


note for some others. More cloud than we have seen of late. The rain


heading into Northern Ireland and western Scotland through the course


of the morning. At 4pm, brightness for the north-east of Scotland. 13


degrees in Aberdeen. A cool day Some outbreaks of rain for the West


of Scotland and Northern Ireland. On and off during the day, damp, grey


day. Across the North of England, Wales, the Midlands and the


south-east, generally dry. 20 or 21 degrees. Some sunshine in between


the cloud. A chance of a light shower across the south-west of


England and South Wales in the afternoon. It should stay dry in.


Top temperature is 20 degrees, a little fresher at Wimbledon. A bit


more cloud during the afternoon We end Wednesday on a quiet note for


many others. The rain towards the north and north-west, but things are


set to change as we head through the latter part of the week. We see the


weather front rushing in from the Atlantic during the early hours of


Thursday. On Thursday morning it brings rain initially across the far


south-west of England, on into Northern Ireland as well, but a


decent day for the vast majority of Wales, England and Scotland, highs


of 22 degrees. If you are heading to Glastonbury festival, after a dry


day on Thursday summer rain had thin on fright -- on Thursday night and


into Friday. On Friday, heavy thunderstorms and showers for many


southern areas. Northern areas, drier and brighter, the best of the


sunshine here. Heavy thunderstorms could affect


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