25/06/2014 BBC Weather


The latest weather forecast.

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one Celsius. `` by early to mid afternoon. It does turn mord


unsettled afternoon. It does turn more


unsettled and there would be heavy and thundery downpours around. Good


evening. A little bit later than usual. The weather over the next


couple of days will change. Let me show you the satellite picture. You


can see the cloud streaming across the Atlantic. This weather front


Weller upset the weather across -- will upset the weather in the


south-west. As far as tonight is concerned, cool, even Chile by


Thursday morning. There is some rain around across the north-west of the


country. In the south-west, that is what is heading into the direction


of Cornwall. In the east, temperatures could be as low as four


degrees in the morning. A lot of bright weather across the majority


of the country but it is in the south-west where we are promising


some rain in Cornwall, Devon and into Somerset. Possible


thunderstorms. This rain is heading to Glastonbury, as advertised for


the last few days. There is some rain on the way. Apart from some


thicker cloud and hazy sunshine it is, on balance, a third day with


temperatures hovering between 1 and 18. Cooler on the North Sea coast.


Slightly cooler. The rain in the south-west will stay in south-west


were most of the day. In the modern -- this low pressure we have been


advertising is here. Across the southern half of the UK, it


Yorkshire South with there will be a fair bit of cloud and downpours in


places will stop there could be some hail. Some of us may get away with a


mostly dry day with some sunshine. The best of the weather will be


across Scotland, in the Western Isles. On Thursday there will be a


bit of rain at Glastonbury in the evening. There could be showers on


Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures hovering around 15 16.


If you are among the lucky few


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