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The latest weather forecast.

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Thursday. Of course, there is more chance of seeing thundery downpours


as a result. Good evening. The forecast will


divide the nation in two camps, one where you are looking forward to


what is coming and the other where you may not be too keen. For those


on their summer break, good sunny spells. Heat and increasing humidity


starting to build, which later in the week will lead to some nasty


thunderstorms. So such thunderstorms out there at the moment. Breezy out


there. Sporadic showers. If your gardens need a watering, I can not


promise everywhere will see the showers. We could start with some


showers over East Anglia. Of note are the temperatures - a very muggy


night over southern areas of the UK. Plenty of cloud to begin with in the


south. Sunnier spells further north. Fresher, particularly in the


countryside. A noticeable breeze. Isolated showers to the west of


Scotland and Northern Ireland. That will be really it for the day. Just


a handful of showers across the north. Most of you will avoid them.


For the majority of the UK, a dry day, with good, sunny spells and


feeling warmer. Temperatures climbing on today's values, neven


the south-east we could get to 26 the south-east we could get to 6


Celsius. Into Wednesday, almost a repeat of Sunday night. As that


goes, we start to drag in that increasingly humid air. Where you


have the cloud, outbreaks of rain, mainly to the north and west.


The real muggy, humid air will be to the east of the country.


27, maybe 28 Celsius. That is 82 27, maybe 28 Celsius. That is 8


Fahrenheit. Temperatures will build further into


Thursday. A zone of thicker cloud. Maybe the odd thunder storm through


the central swathe of the UK. By this stage, on the outskirts of


London we could hit 30 Celsius. That heat will transfer its way


northwards into Friday. An oppressive night for sleeping on


Thursday. Friday, the If your friend was taken away...


# Not giving in... # I'm afraid


there's not much we can do. ..how would you fight


to get her back? This is wrong. I'm not going to


carry on as if nothing has happened. You think anyone should be allowed


to live here? We're under attack


and we can't defend ourselves alone. She's a Glasgow girl.


We all are. The true story


of the Glasgow Girls. MUSIC: "Edward Scissorhands


Introduction" by Danny Elfman


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