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tricky situation. Matt will explain more. And he will tell you that it


didn't rain today. The outlook for the next 40 days


will be straightforward to St swith an were to be believed. Thankfully


for my job at least, it is far from straightforward. Even after today, a


dry day, weather is on the turn in Northern Ireland and Scotland.


Around western coastal hills of England and Wales turning misty with


light rain and drizzle. For most a dry night with clear skies.


Temperatures a degree or so down on last night. A warm start to


Wednesday. Early risers in Northern Ireland may get wet but turning


brighter here with one or two heavy showers. Rain spreading across


Scotland through the morning, hit and mist. A dry and bright start for


many in England and Wales. Low cloud in the Midlands. This will thicken


during the second half of the day to bring outbreaks of rain.


Temperatures across the north and west are in the high keens or low


20s. Driest and brightens for longest in the south. Here close to


82 Fahrenheit. Late in the afternoon or evening, West county, part of the


Midlands and Home Counties, the risk of one or two heavy thunderstorms.


Into Thursday morning, many dry as we start the day but this is where


we notice the night-time temperatures creeping up. The


discomfort value in the forecast increases as humidity rises. Mist


and will he cloud around. Particularly across southern coasts


which could be there or thereabouts all day. For many a dry and bright


day, sunny spells, an isolated shower in the north but most, a dry


and bright day. Temperatures by day could be getting close to 30 to the


north and west of London by Thursday afternoon. Not just that, by night


temperatures not dropping much. For some across the south maybe 20 could


be your overnight low and even in the north it'll turn increasingly


muggy by this stage. Not just that but through the night and into


Friday, thunderstorms in western areas, and some could be on the


lively side. Isolated ones further east. Hit and mist. Some will stay


dry. For many a dry and bright day. Maybe 20s in western Scotland


potentially 31 maybe 32 to the north of London which could set off


thunderstorms. Heat and humidity usually followed by a thundery


breakdown, set to happen through Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow it


looks like the storms will be to central and eastern parts, but


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